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Eski İstanbul’un Lüfer Merakı

Eski İstanbul’un Lüfer Merakı
Eski İstanbul’un Lüfer Merakı
Ruhi Güler
12 September Thursday
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For Istanbulites, the end of summer is also the beginning of the fish season. When it comes to the fish season, bluefish comes to mind at first. So much so that Ahmet Mithat Efendi reflected this excited wait in an article a hundred years ago: “In the ferry,“ bluefish! word begins to be said. Friendly friend: ‘How? Is there any news? ”When he wateres his water, he understands that what is asked is bluefish.” We talked about the fish culture of Istanbul and bluefish curiosity from past to present in 18:45 Talks with Ruhi Guler, the author of Lüfer: Boğaziçi Şehrayini.

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