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Abstract | Cas Holman

Abstract | Cas Holman
Abstract | Cas Holman
Cas Holman
23 October Wednesday
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Abstract: The Art of Design, the documentary series of Netflix that focuses on different areas of art and design, features American toy designer Cas Holman in the fourth part of the new season. Having started her career as a professor at Syracuse University and is still a professor at Rhode Island Design School today, Holman is also the founder and chief designer of the toy company Heroes Will Rise. Emphasizing the importance of producing unstructured games in order to develop children's creativity in design processes, Holman produces special games for New York High Line Park in 2011, and has achieved the success of incorporating their designs into many international museums and schools by developing a game set called RigaMajig, which allows children to participate in the game. We watched the episode about Holman's design philosophy and game design processes together and discussed about it.