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Mektuplardaki Şarkılar 2

Mektuplardaki Şarkılar 2
Mektuplardaki Şarkılar 2
Selin Yücesoy & Hüseyin Kıyak
07 December Saturday
About Event

Letters were the most effective way to communicate before telephones appeared. Although the letters seem like a personal archive, they carried important clues from their time to the present day. In a love letter, we can be aware of dozens of topics, from politics to fashion, from literature to music. The chapters of the leading names in the world of culture, art and literature such as Nazım Hikmet, Yahya Kemal, Ahmed Arif, Oktay Rifat, Orhan Veli were read, and we also listened to songs from Selin Yücesoy and Hüseyin Kıyak.