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Maket Atölyesi

Maket Atölyesi
Maket Atölyesi
Melis Eraydın & Ebru Rato
23 February Sunday
About Event

“What is the neighborhood? How did the buildings around us come together over time? Is there a relationship between them? How about all that hubble in a lively street? Well, side by side houses, shops, parks ... What do we say to these things we see when we look at this? ”. We looked for answers to these questions by getting help from Icadiye Street in the workshop we started with Kuzguncuk trip. We made our mock-ups to convey our impressions when we returned to Scaffold with the little sketches we made and those in our minds. We made a two-dimensional cardboard three-dimensional with fold-paste. We brought together individual works by telling the stories of our buildings with elements such as windows, jambs, doors, signs, showcases and created the silhouette of our imaginary street.