All various kinds of creatives, students and professionals, teams and individuals, are welcome to apply! This includes industrial designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, textile designers, product designers, furniture designers, interior designers, jewelry designers among others, as well as artists, makers, and other creatives.

Participants must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.

Participants must have residency in the EU or an EU member state (excluding Turkey).

Participants must be able to travel to Turkey for five days in the period between 14 February and 29 April 2022.

Participants can choose between two categories:

1. Professional category (Professionals may provide a portfolio with 3 previous works)

2. Student category (Students need to provide a valid student ID)

Of course, teams can apply to the open call, however: only the team leader (entrant) will be invited to Turkey for the co-production process. The limitations of the project budget prevent us from extending more invitations.

Yes, of course: the competition will likely be stiffer, but we leave the decision entirely up to the entrants.

Of course! The portfolio (no need to overcomplicate it, a few images from past projects suffice) will, however, give the jury a clearer picture of your competencies and experience.

Application deadline: 31 January 2022 at 23:59 (CET)

Open call result publication: February 2022

Co-production process in Turkey (five days total): Between 14 February and 29 April 2022

Exhibition in Istanbul: May 2022

The goal is to create a proposal for a contemporary product idea which significantly differs from the common examples of Anatolia considering the issues such as aesthetics, usability, feasibility and originality.

Yes, entrants are encouraged to share their own skill sets. However, these suggestions are to be clearly represented in the design proposal and to be discussed with the craftsperson in the 1:1 Zoom call prior to the co-production process.

There is no limitation regarding the type of product entered. What we are looking for are entrants that are highly engaged with their design proposal: be it that you want to create unique handmade products or are looking into one day creating a mass-produced line of products. The judging will take the story into account. However, judging will not directly assess the capacity for the production of such products on a mass scale.

Yes. The prototype to be produced in Turkey needs to be feasible for a 4-day production process within the scope of the project.

The entrant will get to bring one of the prototypes home. If assistance with shipment will be needed, the project team will arrange for it.